Elected Women Leaders

Pictures shows Women Leaders after election


The National Women’s Council is operationalized through a five-tier structure that starts at the village level through the district up to the National Level. The Women’s Council structure has positions including the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary for finance, secretary for publicity and general secretary.

At the sub county and district level, the council brings on board women from special interest groups such as representative of women with disabilities, female youth, and women NGO representative as ex-officio’s.

The National Levels forms the National Executive Committee (NEC) it composes of; The chairperson, Vice chairperson, Publicity, Finance Secretary;  A Secretary for women Youth in the National Youth Council ; Two Women Representative in of Non-  Governmental Organisation, Representative of women with Disabilities,  Representative of Ministry responsible for gender and women advancement  (MOGLSD),  The Executive Secretary of the National  Women’s Council.

The NWC has a unique system of electing its leaders in that all eligible women for a position in the NWC are members of the elected executive of the Village Women’s Council. The 2018 Women Council Elections created total of 354,500 women council leaders from village to the national level.

The Council has a secretariat to technically assist in carrying out the Objectives and Functions of the Council. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary Who is the Chief Accounting Officer of the Council and heads all the departments.

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