In August 2018, fresh women council elections were concluded across the country. This followed a period of over fifteen years with out having such elections been conducted despite the fact that women council structure still thrived under the leadership of their leaders at different levels.

With the successful completion of the women council election process, a vibrant team of 356,000 women council leaders came on board filling the women council structures right form the village, parish, sub county, District and National Level. This structure serves as a unique, non partisan structure with the main objective of bringing women of Uganda together for development purposes despite their differences.

Since inception backed by the National Women’s Council Act (CAP 318), the Women’s Council has been at the helm of advancing the women of Uganda in all the Political, Social and Economic spheres of their lives. It is indeed true, that investing in women is smart economics. Women make enormous contributions to economies as it sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.

Programs and initiative geared towards women’s empowerment to succeed require not only laws and policies but full participation of women as actors and leaders. As a leadership structure, it works towards promoting women’s active participation and involvement in leadership, electoral and decision-making process. The women’s Council has been a grooming ground for so many women leaders. This space builds the capacity of women leaders in leadership, mobilization, advocacy, lobbying, accountability and advancement of the women agenda at all levels.

The focus now shifts to the Households, being a grassroots structure.  The Household model strategy of reaching out to the grassroots only unique to the women council is  an effective/ inclusive bridge that directly curbs issues within households. Village women council leaders actively take on the lead to oversee a number of Households with in their respective villages

The unwavering women council leaders ready to better the lives of women, seeking to promote gender equality, women empowerment and wholesome development of women, their households and the country at large

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