The National Women’s Council (NWC) is an autonomous body, established by the National Women’s Council ACT 1993 (cap 318). Its objective is to bring all women of Uganda together for development purposes, irrespective of their religion, tribe, origin, status or political affiliation.

The National Women’s Council is a national machinery mandated to organize and unify all women of Uganda who actively contribute to sustainable community and national development through promotion of peace, accountability, justice and self-development though training, sensitization, networking, lobbying, advocacy and provision of micro-finance credit services

The establishment of the councils provided an independent and united forum through which women could participate in decision making process and also provided a channel through which social economic amenities could reach the women particularly those at the grassroots.


“To organize and unify women of Uganda who actively contribute to sustainable community and National development”


“To organize and support the development of women of Uganda to enhance their contribution to sustainable social and economic development”


“Promote employment and productivity, positive cultural values, rights of vulnerable groups and gender responsive development”


The Ministry objectives are to:

(i) To organize the women of Uganda in a unified body;

(ii) To engage women of Uganda in activities that is of benefit to them and the nation.